Monday, February 18, 2008

Belated Valentine

My wonderful hubby had class on Valentine's Day, so we agreed to postpone our day of love until the day after. We share a car, so I went to the library on the campus where I work until he was able to come pick me up. He showed up shortly after his class with a vase of roses and a box of chocolates. I was sweetly surprised that he was thoughtful to do so despite our agreement.

The next day was my day off. I spend a great deal of it running errands. Since we had already decided upon steak that night, I decided on a simple meal. At the store, I picked up some garlic toasts (James' favorite) and asparagus to cook with the steak and potatoes that evening. It was a very simple meal but yummy meal and only took about 30 minutes to prepare. James kept exclaiming throughout the meal of his surprise at our delicious meal. Being a good wife, lol, I enquired why he thought it might not be so. Diplomatically, he responded that it was not because he had any reason to doubt that I was a good cook, but that it was because he had never had them cooked as I did that evening. What strange and unusual ways did I cook our meal do you ask? After a quick marinade, I pan seared the steaks and threw them in a hot oven to cook to medium rare. The potatoes were scrubbed and cut into one inch pieces, skin intact, to boil in a pot. After a knife easily pierced the flesh, they were drained and put back on the heat to let the remaining water evaporate. Then, I added a couple tablespoons of butter and some garlic pepper seasoning and mixed. Nothing super fancy, but apparently highly unusual. It was all assuredly yummy :-).

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