Friday, May 30, 2008

Beauty in the Pie (Spinach Feta Quiche)

Yesterday, I was in the mood for a quiche. I searched for some good recipes and decided to go the easy route so I tried to find simple recipes that would taste great. I have tons of feta cheese left over from making the stuffed mushrooms for the wedding, so I went with a spinach and feta quiche. In my request to keep it simple, I went with a fuss free oil pastry crust. You mix it together and pat it in the pan. Mistake number one.

Excited that my cursory blog search turned up several recipes using feta, an ingredient I've never used in a quiche before, I picked two to work with. One added a couple more cheeses to the mix, cream cheese and parm. I decided to use that idea, but since we are out of parm I went with mozzarella. One of my recipes caused for 4 ozs of feta, so I broke off half a package of the yummy feta in my fridge and crumbled it over the bottom of my crust. Mistake number two.

The quiche was absolute beautiful. I took it out of the oven and loved it's beautiful colors and textures. For once, I also didn't make more custard than necessary for the filling. I actually had to mix up a bit more, b/c I ran out. The filling had the perfect custard to topping ratio. It would have been wonderful... Except for the gummy, oil crust and overabundance of tart feta cheese. Sighh. Yet, it was edible though. I took it to work the next today, and the cheese had mellowed a bit. It heated up well in the microwave and was fairly passable. I will definitely try it again, with a real crust (butter please!) and about half as much feta crumbled more fine.

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